Tetra Betta Projector Bordeaux

Tetra Betta Projector Bordeaux

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Tetra Betta Projector White LED Aquarium Fish Tank Is A Modern Stylish Fish Tank That You Can Admire Anywhere
  • Modern and stylish aquarium for your Betta fish
  • The best way to show off the beauty of your Betta Splendens
  • This unique projector tank allows you to project the light of your tank onto a wall in the dark which will show the silhouette of your fish!
  • The LED lighting adaptor can be placed on various walls of the aquarium to reflect the projection in rotating colours of red, green and blue on your wall
  • The portable aquarium can be enjoyed anywhere such as your work desk, on the coffee table at home, in your bedroom and more
  • Betta are capable of living in small aquariums because they are not extremely active, and their specific breathing system allows them to live in low oxygen environments
  • The designer, high-quality aquarium contains 1.8 litres
  • Efficient LED lighting with varying fun colours
  • On/off button for easy use
  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • 3 x AA Varta batteries (1.5V) included (battery operated for extra safety)


  • 20cm height
  • 15cm x 15cm base
  • Window: 12cm diameter


  • Use high-quality food, such as Tetra Betta, to prevent water contamination
  • Offer your Betta a healthy, balanced diet
  • Run a partial water change each week
  • Use Tetra Betta AquaSafe for fish-friendly water and a healthy Betta
  • Only place one Betta Fish in each tank