Red Sea Trace Colours A - IODINE+  500ml

Red Sea Trace Colours A - IODINE+ 500ml

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Red Sea Reef Colours A - Halogens (I2, BR2, F2) Supplement

lodine/Halogen complex that promote the Pink colours in coral.

Coral Colours A Supplement is part of the complete range of complementary major, minor & trace element complexes which together provide the needs of corals.

Coral Colours A Supplement contains lodine and other halogens that are associated with many biological processes, one of them being the production of the pink pigments in the soft tissue of corals.

To ensure coral health, the ppm level of these elements must be maintained within a narrow band and therefore should only be dosed according to a measured requirement of the aquarium.

For optimal results, dose according to a measured uptake of lodine using Red Sea's lodine Pro test kit. An easier alternative is to dose in proportion to the dosing of Red Sea's Foundation A(Calcium/Strontium) Supplement.

For best results in displaying coral colours use Red Sea's NO3-PO4-X.