Oliver Knott AquaIron 15kg

Oliver Knott AquaIron 15kg

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AquaIron by Oliver Knott

AquaIron 15kg by Oliver Knott is the The ultimate substrate for exceptional plant growth- sourced from the sub-tropical islands of Australia. Iron Sand is rich in iron and other minerals.

It's iron rich properties will promote exceptional plant growth which until now has only been available by using iron additives.
Iron as a additive fertiliser assists with bringing out red and purple colourations in plants.

It's black shimmering texture is captivating and forms the perfect canvas for accentuating the colours of your fish.

Can be used in fresh water and marine tanks. Won't affect pH, GH, kH, TDS or other water parameters. Safe for use with fish and other aquatic life.


  • Plant Growth
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Bio Filter
  • Freshwater Safe
  • Fertiliser
  • Shrimp Safe

  • Being Iron sand it is magnetic - care should be taken around magnetic devices including magnetic cleaners as well as impellers in filters.