OF Ocean Free FH-G1 Pro Head

OF Ocean Free FH-G1 Pro Head

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OF FH-G1 Pro Head is the state-of-the-art technological breakthrough in fish nutrition for your beloved Flowerhorn by inducing greater development of head growth and improve the contour of the Nuchal hump.


Enriched with OF Opti-FH, a thoroughly tested metabolic enhancer that increases the feed’s digestibility and absorbability by at least *30%.

Bio-formulated with immune-enhancing substances that fortify your Flowerhorn’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness, thus reducing mortality.

Improves the fish’s sparkle dots in *1-2 weeks with a unique blend of natural spirulina and a deep sea zooplankton extracts with other natural colour enhancing elements.

Promotes contour of head growth and improves the growth of finnage by channelling nutrients to the vertebrate and bones.

Recommended for the Following

  • All Flowerhorn types.
  • Protein 50% Min
  • Fat 6% Min
  • Fibre 3% Max
  • Ash 13% Max

  • *Subject to frequency of feeding & results may vary from one another.