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MRC Reactors

MRC Reactors

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We strive to provide aquarists with affordable products, but a more important principle is to provide an affordable value for every MRC customer. Quality and success do not always come cheap, but failure costs significantly more every time. This is why we set out to create the new xSeries product line. The MRC xSeries is the same quality American craftsmanship at a price that everyone can afford. We've incorporated only the most useful and needed features. Anything that wasn't essential was removed in order to keep the xSeries from becoming inaccessible to most while still maintaining the level of quality that MRC is known for industry wide.


The MRC xSeries is 100% Made in America using the finest American materials, just like you expect from MRC.
All models include:

    • Ultra-high circular flow never clogging
    • Plug and play style hardly any maintenance
    • Perfect for use with bio and phosphate pellets (not included)
    • Reduces nitrates and phosphates