Hikari Gold Sinking

Hikari Gold Sinking

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For a color enhancing solution for your fish, Hikari is an ideal daily diet for all types of Cichlids & larger tropical fish that will leave your fish looking vibrant and colourful. 

Created with the highest grade of ingredients, formulated to bring your fish's natural colours to life. Full of protein this food is a nutritious, daily diet solution for your fish.

Made for Cichlids but also suitable for Oscars as well.

Let your fish's true colours shine through with Hikari!

Feeding Guide: 
Check the label to ensure you are feeding your fish the right amount and avoid overfeeding. 

> Sinking pellets
> Regulates high quality of water
> High In Carotene & NS Germ
> Brings out vibrant, natural colours
> Reduces Washed Out Colors
> Contains Stabilized Vitamin C
> Supports a healthy immune system
> Improved growth rates