Aquatopia Internal Filter AT

Aquatopia Internal Filter AT

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The Aquatopia internal filter is for use in freshwater aquariums. It is energy efficient, but still powerful enough to do a solid job. This internal fish filter is easy to operate and maintain.

Aquatopia Internal Filter Sizes

Model Voltage Frequency Power Flow Recommended Aquarium Size
IF-01 220-240V 50Hz 3.5W 50-200L/H 50-100L 72x54x139mm
IF-02 220-240V 50Hz 6W 200-400L/H 100-200L 86x63x185mm
IF-04 220-240V 50Hz 6.5W 250-500L/H 200-400L 140x80x223mm

Aquatopia Internal Filter Instruction Manual


Our internal filter's use a filter sponge for biological and mechanical filtration. Located inside the sponge is activated carbon which absorbs organic matter, chemicals and removes odours.


  • Multi functional spray bar
  • Highly efficient energy saving motor
  • Replaceable filter media
  • Powerful filtration system
  • Sleek modern design


  • Place the filter into the aquarium fixing it on the glass with the suckers.
  • Be sure to place the filter body below the water level.
  • Set up your internal filter to expose the spray bar above the water surface and adjust it so the bar sprays across the surface to creates waves or waterfalls down into the water which create bubbles.
  • Switch on once installed correctly.


  • Always disconnect power before and during cleaning or maintenance.
  • Make sure the power plug never gets wet. Make sure it is always dry before connecting to power source.
  • Never allow the filter to run dry.
  • Do not unplug the appliance with wet hands.

Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Always disconnect the filter from the electric supply before removing it from the water or carrying out any maintenance.
  • Cleaning or replacement of the filter sponge and activated carbon regularly is necessary to ensure that the filter continues to work efficiently. The canister can be pulled out from the bottom.
  • Once the filter canister is removed open the bottom and remove the sponge and carbon to clean.
  • The filter media should be cleaned under warm tap water to protect the beneficial bacteria.
  • The spray bar & impeller unit should also be cleaned on a regular basis.