Aqua One Plant Food 250ml

Aqua One Plant Food 250ml

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  • 250ml Bottle
  • Treats 2500 litres
  • 10ml per 100L
  • Iron and minerals
  • Safe and effective
  • It is important to feed your aquatic plants and this Aqua One plants fertiliser supplies all the trace elements needed for lush growth

Aqua One Plant Food / Fertiliser contains a mix of nutrients, enzymes and trace elements which are essential for healthy growth of all aquatic plants.

Used at the recommended dose rate, Aqua One Plant Food / Fertiliser will not cause growth of nuisance algae these types of algae, they will remove excess nutrients from the water and reduce growth of nuisance algae.

By increasing the iron levels of aquarium water, red and green colours of macro algae will become more vibrant.