Aqua One Betta Sanctuary Glass Aquarium 10L Black

Aqua One Betta Sanctuary Glass Aquarium 10L Black

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An aquarium for Betta fish, small Tropical fish and Shrimp, the Betta Sanctuary is one that is perfect for beginners and experienced fish-keepers alike.   

Compact to fit anywhere, the aquarium won’t be a needle-in-the-haystack to find all thanks to the white and blue LED lighting that seamlessly provides a day and moonlight night feel.  

Whilst it consists of a filter that brings the water to the optimal level for life to thrive in, it also features a water heater that allows you to set the temperature to be just right no matter what the season is.  

Maintenance is extremely easy as the top is completely open, allowing for easy water change and aquarium transfers when a thorough clean of the whole tank is needed.

Change 25% of the water on a weekly basis to prevent a build up of excessive dirt, toxins and waste.  

Be sure to rinse it before the first use and allow 30 minutes for the water to settle before adding in your fish.  

Suitable for Betta fish, small Tropical fish, Shrimp.  



5W LED  

W 22.4cm x D 22.4cm x H 26.3cm  

Available in White or Black.