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Aqua One - Battery Air Pump
Aqua One - Battery Air Pump

Aqua One - Battery Air Pump

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Aqua One Portable Battery Operated Air Pump 150

Aqua One battery air pumps are great backup for that unexpected power failure. This can be the difference between losing your fish or giving them enough oxygen till the power comes back on. Ideal for use when transporting live fish, bait.

  • High performance single outlet air pumps
  • Complete with 2.5cm Diameter Ball Air stone and 0.5m of airline
  • Improves dissolved oxygen in your tank, bucket or fish bag
  • Convenience of battery operation - Please note the battery is not included
Code Model Max Flow Rate No of Outlets Battery Type Splash Resistant
10022 Battery Air 150 150 L/H 1 2 x D Yes
10023 Battery Air 250 150 L/H 1 2 x D No
10024 Battery Air 250C 150 L/H 1 2 x D No


Aqua One Model Number - 10022