API Ph Up Professional Size - 473ml

API Ph Up Professional Size - 473ml

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API Ph Up Professional Size - 473ml

pH UP raises pH to make aquarium water more alkaline


  • Raises aquarium pH

  • Follow API Easy Care Guide and use pH UP when:

    Addressing Water Problem Solving issues

  • pH is the measure of acidic or alkaline conditions of water.
  • A value of 7.0 corresponds to a neutral pH. pH values about 7.0 are considered alkaline, and pH values below 7.0 are considered acidic.
  • Different fish need different pH levels to be healthy.
  • Check the pH level using a pH Test Kit.
  • pH UP is designed to raise the pH of aquarium water where testing has shown pH to be at an undesirable level.
  • pH UP raises pH and makes aquarium water more alkaline.
  • pH UP is fast-acting, colorless, easy to use and will not cloud or colour the aquarium water.

  • pH UP is phosphate free and nitrate free therefore will not encourage algae growth.


  • Determine the pH of aquarium water with an API pH Test Kit.
  • To raise pH, add ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) for each 95 litres of aquarium water.
  • For larger aquariums, add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) for each 190 litres of aquarium water.
  • Take another pH reading before adding another dose of pH Up.
  • Some fish may be sensitive to pH adjustments greater than 0.2 in a 24 hour period, so changes of this magnitude should be done with extreme care.